Specialist security where you need it most

High quality training programmes tailored for clients within and outside the aviation industry

Never have carriers’ responsibilities for their clients, staff and assets been more important.  Avsec’s experience and expertise in all aspects of aviation safety and security is now available for major airlines with specially tailored programmes that are highly effective and legislation compliant.



Avsec provide efficient solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of your aviation operations:


  • Flexible turnkey security solutions
  • Individual or group training
  • Security risk assessments (at base and destination airports)
  • Complete survey and audit services
  • Planning and consultancy services


The scope of our safety and security consultancy services is enormous:


  • Aviation Security Management Services
  • Aviation Security Programmes
  • Security Manuals
  • Base Audits
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Aviation Loss Prevention
  • Services for the General Aviation Community
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Critical Infrastructure


For more information about Avsec’s Aviation Consultancy Services, please contact us today.

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Avsec provide advice and information for all your security and safety management issues

As an Avsec client, we provide you with a range of security and safety options which include: a full management service; a retained service; or a consultancy/advisory package for all security issues.


Whatever your needs – whether it’s advice about your existing operations, information on legislation changes, or you’re thinking of operating in a new country – make sure you contact Avsec today.


We have all the professional resources you need to handle and overcome a wide range of security and safety management issues.


Safety Management Systems - SMS


Effective Safety Management Systems (SMS) are essential in today’s aviation industry with mandatory compliance now becoming commonplace.  In the ongoing development of SMS, we now have the SeMS.


SeMS – Security Management Systems


According to the DfT and CAA:


‘A SeMS is an organised, systematic approach to managing security which embeds security management into the day-to-day activities of an organisation.  It provides the necessary organisational structure, accountabilities, policies and procedures to ensure effective oversight.’


In short, a SeMS is an assurance system for security.  To achieve this goal, Avsec provide consultancy and training that will meet your needs at every level.


For more information about Avsec’s Aviation Security Management Services, please contact us today.

Avsec’s user-friendly programmes are specially created to complement your organisation’s safety and security culture

At Avsec, we know how important it is to have aviation safety and security procedures that are easy to understand, unambiguous and practical.  That’s why all our programmes are written so they can be used and easily followed by everyone
in your organisation.


  • Having a good safety and security culture in place should never be based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach
  • Avsec can produce – and, if required, implement – Aviation Security Programmes that are compliant with EC300/208 ICAO and regional standards
  • It’s important that these programmes fit into an airline’s operations without creating problems
  • Our experience of working with aviation organisations across the globe will give you the assurance that your security procedures are compliant with the highest international standards.


For more information about Avsec’s Aviation Security Programmes, please contact us today.

Contingency planning will minimise the impact of unexpected incidents and enable your organisation to resume ‘normal service’ as soon as possible

All businesses need Emergency Response Planning in place for when things go wrong.  Nowhere is this more important than in the aviation industry.


Only with a robust, realistic and adaptable plan will you be able to respond effectively to incidents and continue working until ‘normal service’ is restored. Avsec can help you to formulate and implement a suitable plan for your organisation.


Contingency planning is the cornerstone of business continuity.  As far as possible, your aim should be uninterrupted operations.  Not only will this maintain business activity, turnover and profits; it will also ensure that customer service is retained.  In the long-term, this will be a contributing factor to the all-important concept of ‘brand loyalty’.


To find out more about the ways Avsec can help with your organisation’s Emergency Response Planning,
please contact us today.

Bespoke programmes to protect your business assets from a multitude of potential threats

Protecting the physical and online assets that are essential to the functioning of today’s society applies equally to businesses.  We’re all concerned about protecting this infrastructure from a multitude of threats.


The assets we’re referring to here include staff, clients, property and, of course, your livelihoods.  Providing protection from the potential threats to the aviation industry lies at the heart of the Avsec Global Critical Infrastructure Consultancy.


Following detailed discussions with you, we will devise a bespoke industry programme whose over-riding aim is to defend all that is important to you.


To start the process of safeguarding your critical business infrastructure, please contact us today.

Avsec conduct professional audits and compliance assessments at base and destination airports to
maximise security effectiveness

By conducting rigorous security audits at your base and destination airports, Avsec make a major contribution to the overall effectiveness of your security procedures.


Integral to this is ensuring that the security measures you have in place conform to known compliance standards and relevant legislation.


We look at all aspects of your security and compliance in areas such as catering, cargo, maintenance, bonded stores and so on.


The results of our base security audits are recorded in a written report which includes clear and practical recommendations.


For more information about Avsec’s Base Security Audits, please contact us today.

Avsec’s world-wide experience will ensure your aviation operations meet accepted risk management standards for safety, security and duty of care

Our risk and vulnerability assessments cover all aspects of your aviation operations including crew transport, accommodation, aircraft security and airport security.


We adopt strict criteria to ensure that the correct standards are met for safety, security and duty of care.


Although Avsec is a global company with world-wide experience, our assessments can also meet client requests to incorporate a regional overview and address specific local issues.


To discuss Avsec’s Risk Management Services in more detail, please contact us today.

Avsec provide specialist advice and practical solutions to minimise stock discrepancies for aviation industry clients

Protecting stock from unauthorised removal or accounting manipulation is a challenging issue throughout industry – and the aviation industry is no exception.


Avsec can help you minimise stock discrepancies in many ways.  As an example: we provide specialist advice on introducing effective stock protection systems that integrate with your accounting procedures.


In all cases, the emphasis is on providing practical solutions involving various activities such as carrying out spot checks or audits on your behalf.


For more information about Avsec’s Aviation Industry Loss Prevention Services, please contact us today.

Devising individual programmes and procedures that comply with international security requirements and best practice

The vast experience of Avsec enables us to advise on every aspect of general aviation security.


We provide aerodrome operators with security programmes that meet the highest national and international security standards.


This gives our general aviation clients complete peace of mind when it comes to implementing robust security procedures.


Assessing Risks and Delivering Training

Every general aviation location has its own unique issues and challenges.  With this in mind, we devise individual programmes to meet your specific needs.  At the same time, we still recognise the need for high quality and cost-effective services in assessing risks and delivering training.


Audits and Reviews Assess Specific Problems

Avsec are frequently called in to address our clients’ specific problems.  We conduct an extensive range of audits and reviews of services such as cleaning, crew accommodation, hotels, catering, crisis management and hostage management.


Working for Major Airlines and Airports

Avsec act on behalf of major airlines, airports and cargo operators.  We also provide general security audits, recommending changes to equipment and processes.


This could include auditing a physical security issue to ensure you have the right environment.  As well as recommending the appropriate changes, this also includes making certain that hardware such as CCTV, barriers or lighting are fit-for-purpose.


Independent Selection of Third Party Products


We will advise on the best security equipment solutions based on the client’s need and budget and also the equipment’s functionality, but we are not bound to recommend any particular manufacturer.


To discuss Avsec’s Services for the General Aviation Community in more detail, please contact us today.